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The Professionals 

Headquartered in Lafayette, Colorado, we are lovers of all things animal... and human. Front Range Pet Care is owned and operated by Andrew Schmich. FRPC employs dedicated, caring, responsible pet caretakers. 


Andrew Schmich

Andrew Vincent Schmich. Owner/Operator of Front Range Pet Care, LLC, Lafayette, Colorado. Boulder County. Planet Earth. Founded FRPC in 2010 after a lifetime of preparation. I love what I do and know I am lucky to have daily interaction with so many animals and their humans. I am forever curious about this world and find that almost daily a small piece of the puzzle is given to me.

I came out of college with a B.A. in English, then headed off to Germany to study German language at a Goethe Institute. Upon returning, I worked a couple of brief stints in publishing in San Francisco and Chicago. Then I landed on photography, looking to be a wildlife photographer but couldn’t figure out how to make that work as a job. I went to film school to make movies but decided that working with “those” people in that capacity was just too brutal. Then I spent over 15 years photographing baby humans. Somehow out of that, Front Range Pet Care was born and I discovered I could tend and photograph “wildlife” in people’s homes: A beautiful merger of experiences with human children and wildlife! A business had begun.


One founding business principal of Front Range Pet Care is: Don’t nickel and dime people. Charge a fair price for services, but never hesitate to go the extra mile to treat everyone like family (the kind of family you like). I’ve always done my best to hire like-minded people, those who have a genuine concern for all living beings, those who are attentive and respectful when stepping into someone’s home.


By constant actual interaction and study (through books, videos, journal articles, talking with enlightened people, and photographing) of in-home pets, especially cats and dogs, it is my hope that Front Range Pet Care is always improving with each new encounter with the humans and whatever creature they entrust with us. 


Brie Berman

Brie is a darn good singer. But that’s not why she works for Front Range Pet Care.


She has a compassion for all living creatures, and a genuine care and attentiveness for the well-being of any animals she is entrusted with tending. She makes it a point to let me know if something seems even slightly amiss with one of the pets in our care. She is totally reliable and never complains about any early morning or late night visits that may be needed.

Brie joined FRPC in 2015. I trust her implicitly and appreciate her open and honest communication. I’ve come to think of her as the right hand of Front Range Pet Care.

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